About Sonic

Hearing is more than a physical sense. It is a means to fully experience the world, the activities we enjoy, and the people who surround us. At Sonic, we appreciate the value of hearing and seek to help people find the greatest enjoyment from it.

Sonic has a history of innovative thinking. Our company grew from technology developed outside the hearing instrument industry—outside the traditional belief system of how these devices should process sound. By applying a different perspective of hearing science to hearing devices, Sonic created a breakthrough approach that focused on speech and a natural sound experience. Fresh, original thinking continues to guide all we do.

Sonic instruments have always been purposefully stylish, attractive, and easy to use. We maintain our founders' philosophy to constantly look for innovative ways to apply emerging technologies and implement design principles. Our goal is to create elegant and beneficial hearing solutions that improve life through enhanced hearing.

The founders of Sonic were no strangers to the science of sound. Already recognized for advancing applications of sound in law enforcement, entertainment, and medicine, these scientists found new ways to employ digital signal processing in hearing instruments. And the Sonic Company was born.

About Listen Up

Listenup India Hearing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is in collaboration with a team of industry experts, has opened a lab in Noida introducing state-of-the-art digital technology "Precesion Fit Process" to replace traditional Earmould / Custom Hearing Aids fabrication process.

Precision fit process solution is based on 3D technology which uses a scan of the ear impression to create a digital image, a 3D modeling software is then used to design the personalized Earmould / Custom Hearing Aids. The software is also used to verify the fit and canal direction for optimum comfort, and best acoustic performance.

A High-Definition, high quality 3D printer is then used to print ultra-thin layers ultimately creating the exact 3D structure which enables a digitally precise fabricated Earmould / Custom Hearing Aids using our Proprietary process.


Sonic improves life through enhanced hearing.

Sonic seeks to fulfill our mission by putting into practice three corporate values. These standards are the driving force behind our solutions and provide focus as we meet the needs of professionals and users.


We look perspectives outside-the-box solutions. at challenges from new and respond with simple, outside-the-box solutions.


We are focused on positive experiences for customers and partners, so we go the a mile to meet their needs.


Our passion for hearing solutions shines through in our positive attitude, enthusiastic approach and proctive methods.


We envision a world where all people can enjoy the sounds that enrich everyday life.


"Get the most for your investment." It's a familiar phrase whether you're a person looking into hearing aids for the first time, or a professional who wants his or her patients to be truly satisfied. Sonic understands this need. And we've developed a philosophy around it that guides all we do.

Value, after all, is what you find most important — whether that's sound, style, or ease of use. Sonic makes sure we deliver what people truly value by practicing what we call our 4S Foundation. This philosophy keeps us focused on the benefits that best align with the needs of professionals and users alike

People value Sound that's natural

While amplification certainly makes a difference, it's not enough to make anyone enjoy wearing a hearing instrument. Sonic relentlessly develops technologies and benefits to make the hearing experience feel natural, comfortable, and enjoyable.

People value Speech

Of all the reasons people seek hearing assistance, missing out on conversations is a top factor. That's why Sonic helps eliminate distracting sounds in the environment and helps people focus on everyday interactions.

People value Simplicity

Hearing care professionals appreciate the effort Sonic takes to make fitting an instrument easy and right the first time. Patients value the simplicity of design that makes Sonic instruments easy to operate and simple features that are considerate of dexterity needs.

People value Style

Admit it or not, poor aesthetics can keep somone from wearing a hearing device and enjoying its full value. Sonic is conscious not only of how instruments look and perform, but how the whole experience is perceived. Professionals can feel confident recommending Sonic devices because users are excited to wear them.

Our Management Team

Nadeem Ahmad Khan

E-mail:- nadeem.khan@uzmi.com

Kunal S Kamble

National Sales Manager
E-mail:- kunal.kamble@uzmi.com

Sehrish Wajid

Senior HR & Admin Manager
E-mail:- sehrish.wajid@uzmi.com

Pinaki Sarkar

National Marketing Manager
E-mail:- pinaki.sarkar@uzmi.com

Ranjeet Kumar

Sr. Finance Manager
E-mail:- ranjeet.kumar@uzmi.com

Faiz Iqbal

Production/ Logistics Manager
E-mail:- faiz.iqbal@uzmi.com