Warranty Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

At time of warranty claim of hearing aid, the warranty is validated only by submission of fully completed warranty card with details such as Model name, Serial no., Date of Purchase, Customer Name and Dispenser name and address at the point of service.

In event of non-availability of warranty card, copy of Invoice/Sales receipt of the dispenser can be produced. (Indicating the Invoice number, hearing aid Sl.No., date of purchase, product type and dealer/dispenser name).

Listenup India shall remedy any defects in the Device and/or repair or replace any new Device sold by us, if there are any faults attributable to materials, workmanship within two years for the RIC and BTE Device, commencing on the date of the supply (the Warranty Period).

For all ITE Devices, if reasonably requested within ninety (90) days of the date of the supply, we will remake the ITE Device at no charge to achieve comfortable and accuratet. These periods are extended if you have purchased an Extended Warranty program.

Exclusions from Warranty Coverage

Malfunction, defect or failure caused by or resulting from the evidence of Impact, Mishandling, Tampering, use contrary to the applicable instruction manual,are,foods or other Acts of God, shipping damage or damage resulting from repairs performed by unauthorized personnel without the knowledge or approval of Listenup India.

Mechanical damage caused due to accident or normal Wear & Tear.

Exposure of hearing aid to direct heat from hair dryer, microwave oven or any hot surface

Exposure of hearing aid to Water and chemicals such as rain, swimming, excessive ear wax secretion, perspiration, hair spray, perfume etc.

Usage of wrong battery size/Type or wrong insertion of battery into hearing aid.

Used or dead battery not removed from hearing aid and corrosion caused by battery leakage.

Replacement of the parts under the agreement shall not include items such as (i) Battery cell (ii) Ear moulds/Tips (iii) Ear hooks (iv) Housing (v) Battery drawers/ Doors (vi) Any damage that is physical in nature (vii) Any missing parts.

Company reserves the right to alter these terms & conditions at its discretion.

Any dispute arising is subject to jurisdiction of Delhi Court only.

5 Year Hassle free warranty under SONIC extended warranty scheme.

All models are covered under extended warranty including BTE, RIC and custom hearing aids.

Apart from two year original warranty, extended warranty can be purchased:

  • First Year: 10% of MRP
  • Second Year: 15% of MRP
  • Third Year: 20% of MRP

This additional warranty does not substitute or amend the conditions of the standard warranty issued along with the Hearing aids, and commences only after the expiry of the term of the standard warranty.

The additional warranty does not cover any wear & tear or physical damage of hearing aids.

The basic parts of the hearing aids shall be repaired or replaced during the additional warranty period as per company policy. The company decision shall be final.

In case of repairs of any repair or replacement of parts in hearing aid it will be warranted only for the remaining of the original warranty period.

The filled & stamped original warranty card along with the additional warranty card shall be presented at the time of service and the warranty shall be void if the warranty card is altered, tampered with or lost.

The additional warranty is confined only to the first purchase of the Hearing aids and is non - transferable.

The additional warranty period starts from the expiry of initial warranty period of the Hearing aids.

Repairs and service of the Hearing aid shall be carried out by an Authorized Service centre of Sonic only, failing to which this additional warranty will be void.

The company reserves the rights to change, modify with equivalent value, withdraw or extend the offer without prior notice at any point of time and no correspondence in this regards shall be entertained.

The company shall be under no obligation or deemed to be in default for any delay or failure in performance resulting from causes beyond its reasonable control (eg. strikes, floods, earthquakes etc.) including delay in servicing due to non-availability of spare parts and/ or accessories.

All other Terms and Conditions shall remain the same as per the original standard warranty card of the appliance except those covered above.